Robin Carlson Dong

My project, ‘Small delta’ is about staring. It is about taking the same photograph hundreds of times and comparing subtle changes that occur. It is about documenting the experience of being in flux.

I have a tiny harmless delusion about external consistency and internal stability. I know the world is always spinning and time does not stop--but my mind compensates. I don’t notice small changes and when they add up, I see this delusion revealed. The watched pot never boils, right? Twilight sneaks up on me.

A camera’s automatic exposure joins me in my tiny harmless delusion—especially aperture priority—because if it gets darker, the shutter lengthens to insist it can still see, and it might miss moving subjects entirely.

So my camera and I make these gradients to look back at time and reveal what we missed—trying to connect with change.

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In the slideshow below you will see: the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean and Lake Michigan (before the golden hour through civil twilight); water boiling; reflecting pool, waterfall, and shower (with incrementally lengthening shutter speeds), photo paper fogging during development (dusk), and more.